Tokyo International Film Festival 2021

Here are links to the reports I wrote for the website of the 34th TIFF. In passing, I would say it was a better festival than it has been for many years, owing mainly to its change of venue to Hibiya/Ginza and the return of programmer Shozo Ichiyama, who left some years ago to found Filmex, which this year was held in tandem with TIFF. However, while the Competition films covered a broader range of experience, overall the selection sacrificed quality and rigor for representation; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but too many were saddled with an old-fashioned notion of thematic importance. But I really liked Hommage, Californie, and the eventual winner, Vera Dreams of the Sea, all of which were original and dramatically compelling. They were also all about women, though only two were directed by women.


Vera Dreams of the Sea

When Pomegranates Howl


Asian Lounge: Bahman Ghobadi x Ai Hashimoto

The Dawning of the Day

Third Time Lucky

The Other Tom

The Daughter

The Films of Kinuyo Tanaka


World Cinema Conference: The Future of the Film Industry


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