Media Mix, Nov. 28, 2010

Here’s yesterday’s Media Mix, which is about one television reporter’s dogged pursuit of the truth behind the Ashikaga murder case, which remains unsolved since the man originally convicted in 1992 was found innocent last year. In the article, I mention how some politicians have questioned the justice ministry’s claim that there’s nothing it can do about reopening the case since the statute of limitations has run out. On the Nihon TV program cited in the column, we see a representative of the justice ministry deflecting questions in this vein with obfuscatory answers that mirror almost exactly the ones that former justice minister Minoru Yanagida joked about in that famous “gaffe” which became his downfall. It’s difficult to decide which is more disturbing: that Yanagida thought this kind of tactic was funny, or that he didn’t have the wherewithal to admit that it’s how the justice ministry operates.

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