Media Mix, Jan. 9, 2011

Here’s this week’s Media Mix–with links! Having read various comments that advocated more hyper-text in web-based Japan Times articles that were originally written for the print version, I provided the web editor with some links to certain portions of the story. There seems to be a slight problem with the last of the links, the one to Kuniko Asagi’s production company page, but I hope to have it fixed shortly. In any case, the information contained therein–about which programs have her as a frequent (not necessarily “regular,” as I wrote) guest–is temporarily irrelevant since, according to said production company as reported by various weeklies, she’s taking a well-deserved and previously planned (i.e., before Omomo outed her as an adulterer) sabbatical from TV work that nevertheless appears to be indefinite. In the meantime, Miyoko Omomo is reaping the whirlwind of her tweet, if in a more modest fashion. One thing I didn’t mention in the column is that, in terms of ambition, Omomo is more earnest than Asagi though she has less to show for it in terms of income. Omomo put herself through university when she was in her 30s, and is reportedly fluent in Korean, which helped her get work on NHK last year when the public broadcaster was doing that series on cross-Japan Sea (excuse me, East Sea?) ties on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Japan’s annexation of the Korean peninsula. Anyway, I heard her on NHK radio last Thursday shilling for Niigata rice (she was raised in Niigata) in her new capacity as an expert on natural foods or something. She also reportedly appeared on an NHK game show. From what I understand nobody mentioned the scandal–NHK, I’m sure, would forbid it–but the hosts were undoubtedly happy to have her, not to mention all the listeners and viewers who probably wouldn’t have tuned in otherwise.

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