TIFF interviews

Here are links to the interviews I did for the Tokyo International Film Festival website. This year they wanted to concentrate on films in the Japanese Eyes section, for obvious reasons, but in any case the selection wasn’t that good. I had one extra opportunity to interview someone of my own choice and I asked for Michael Winterbottom, whose “Trishna” was shown previously at Toronto but had since been reedited, so the version in Tokyo was for all intents and purposes the world premiere of the movie the rest of the world will see. It’s an edited version of our conversation, and maybe later I will publish the whole thing, which is quite interesting. Right now I just want to get these up.

Michael Winterbottom, “Trishna”

Yasuaki Kurata & Takanori Tsujimoto, “Monster Killer”

Junko Kobayashi, “Between Today and Tomorrow”

Kyoshi Sugita, “A Song I Remember”

Juichiro Yamasaki, “The Sound of Light”

Shinju Sano & Erlan Nurmuhambetov, “The First Rains of Spring”

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