The “placard” video

 I heard about this video last week, when it had only received about 400 hits. Then Tokyo Shimbun ran an article about it and the number of views went up considerably. At the time of this writing the number of views is more than 57,000. It is a hidden camera recording of a confrontation between Liberal Democratic Party security and a female observer at a rally for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Fukushima. The recording was made by the woman. She was carrying a placard that asked Abe his stance on nuclear power. The security team took the placard away from her saying that it is “not a place for protests. It is a place for listening.” She answers that she is not protesting. She just wants Abe to answer the question. They ask for her name and address, which the video beeps out. Later, they sent the placard to her work place, though reportedly she gave them her home address. A group of lawyers has  lodged a formal complaint with election officials.

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